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EB-1C Visa Business Plan

The EB-1C visa category is a First Preference category reserved for managers and executives. To qualify for an EB-1C status, the candidate must have been employed as a manager or executive for one year within the past three years by the overseas affiliate, parent company, subsidiary or branch of the U.S. employer.

The EB-1C visa is a viable avenue for startups or large companies to expand their services and to bring their most talented and valuable executives to their U.S. location.

At New Frontiers, we can assist clients and immigration attorneys with creating professional, comprehensive business plans for EB-1C visa petitions. We can evaluate client’s unique situation and produce a highly detailed plan that effectively articulates their project or venture.

EB-1C Visa Requirements: Managers & Executive Transferees

The transferring of the executive or manager includes either relocating to a different branch under the same company or transferring to an affiliated company as a branch or subsidiary. Either the U.S. employer or the foreign employer can submit a petition for an EB-1C visa.

Employer Requirements

• The company must demonstrate a qualifying relationship between the U.S. office and foreign office.

• The U.S. and foreign company must be doing business actively

• The U.S. entity must be viable and have existed in the U.S. for at least a year

Discuss Your Visa Business Plan with Our Experts

If you need assistance preparing an effective visa business plan and in learning how we can streamline the process, contact us. As immigrants ourselves and USCIS-recognized experts (*) in the fields of business and finance, we can help clients and attorneys create a thorough plan, identify potential obstacles, and anticipate potential issues in their petitions. We are confident in our ability to deliver a plan that is compliant with USCIS guidelines and adjudication standards.

(*) New Frontiers’ founder was granted an O-1 visa in business by USCIS. An O-1 visa is granted to selected individuals (who are at the top of their field) with extraordinary abilities in a field of expertise.