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EB-2 Visa Business Plans

Visas for Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities

In an effort to bolster foreign investment, promote start-ups and create jobs in the United States, USCIS opened the EB-2 immigrant visa category directed at entrepreneurs, who may obtain an employment-based second preference (EB-2) immigrant visa if they satisfy the existing requirements, and also may qualify for a National Interest Waiver under the EB-2 immigrant visa category if they can demonstrate that their business endeavors will be in the interest of the United States.

Our EB-2 business plans focus on demonstrating that:

• The proposed benefit provided will be national in scope;

• The entrepreneur will serve the national interest to a substantially greater degree than would an available U.S. worker having the same minimum qualification.

EB-2 Visa Plans Tailored to You - Dedicated to Your Success

At New Frontiers, we provide professional and highly detailed plans that are fully aligned with your immigration attorney's strategy. Every plan is tailored to each client's unique background and profile to ensure the highest chances of success. We guarantee that you will receive a thorough immigration plan that clearly articulates your accomplishments and your company’s positive impact on the U.S. economy. Our specialists apply their diverse and multicultural backgrounds to help our clients build effective visa applications.

To find out more about our visa business plans’ services, please contact us.